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Upcoming shows and new projects


We'll be doing a few road shows on our way up to Dayton, where we'll be working with the good folks at FM Records on a new recording project.  After three days at their lovely studio, we'll be doing four more shows with our friends Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, who are touring in support of their killer new release.  Come holler at your boys at one of these fine music concerts!  Really!  Do it!  



Update, Feb 2014


2013 was a great year the band -- definitely our most productive.  2014 is already shaping up to be our most prolific, as a band.  We've already begun demoing a new album, via our weekend practice/recording sessions at the Union Hall here in Louisville.  Total of about 10 (wow!) new ones so far.  Can't let you listen online just yet... sorry!  BUT we'll be playing a few local shows this Winter/Spring, while we work on the new record.  Then we'll be back on the road in April, doing a few road dates with our friends Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray from California, and planning on a longer stretch in June.


ALSO: Check out Slowcoustic blog in a few weeks to hear an exclusive Bonnie "Prince" Billy cover from Shadwick Wilde.  


Quiet Hollers - US Tour - November 2013


Tue Nov 5th - People's Brewing Co. - Lafayette, IN

Wed Nov 6th - Quenchers - Chicago, IL

Thu Nov 7th - Old Dog Tavern - Kalamazoo, MI

Fri Nov 8th - Woodruffs - Ypsilanti, MI

Sat Nov 9th - ReCreate Music - Dayton, OH

Sun Nov 10th - The Firehouse - North Manchester, IN

Mon Nov 11th  - Be Here Now - Muncie, IN

Tue Nov 12th - Way Out Club - St Louis, MO

Wed Nov 13th - Kudzu's - Memphis, TN

Thu Nov 14th - White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR

Fri Nov 15th - Hopkins Icehouse - Texarkana, AR

Sat Nov 16th - Love & War in Texas - Plano, TX

Sun Nov 17th - Beerland - Austin, TX

Tue Nov 19th - Greeks 208 - Victoria, TX

Wed Nov 20th - Big Top - New Orleans, LA

Thu Nov 21st - Soho Bar - Columbus, GA

Fri Nov 22nd - The Nick - Birmingham, AL

Sat Nov 23rd - Jack of the Wood - Asheville, NC

Sun Nov 24th - The New Vintage - Louisville, KY


Update city!


Just posted a new slideshow/video with Their Dark Robes, featuring highlights from the last tour and our last year in general.  Check it out, and share it if you want!

Also, a lot of people have been asking where the can get a physical copy of our new album online.  The answer is here at CD Baby.  Stock is limited, so if you don't grab 'em up, you'll have to wait for us to restock CD Baby, which could take literally several days.

Don't forget to come party with us at WFPK's Waterfront Wednesday on July 31st... with a special surprise headliner to be announced.  


"I Am The Morning" Release Announcement!


Album cover for Quiet Hollers'


Quiet Hollers are very excited to announce the official release of "I Am The Morning."  The long awaited debut album we've been talking up for the last year.  

On Saturday May 18th, we'll be celebrating with Spring Tour, and a massive CD release party at Headliners Music Hall, here in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.  Tickets go on sale March 15th, available at ETix.  

Fortunately, you can download the new album RIGHT NOW before it hits the streets, on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and on Spotify... along with countless other reputable online music retailers.  

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this album possible!  Check it out and let us know what you think about it on Twitter @Quiet Hollers and the Facebook thing!


Happy New Year!


Quiet Hollers want to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!  This year has been great for us... we played a lot of awesome shows with a lot of awesome bands.  Made some new friends and some new fans, and got to travel to some really cool places.  2013 is gonna be like 2012 on steroids.  We're putting out our debut album, finally.  Also gonna be putting out a 7" with some tracks from the Morning sessions.  Hope to see some of our friends at these upcoming shows:


Jan 1 - Louisville, KY - Jim Porters (Townes Van Zandt Tribute Show!)

Jan 11 - Nashville, TN - Foobar

Jan 12 - Hot Springs, AR - Maxine's


What's up fans?


We're playing a string of shows with our friends, Kurt Reifler & The Bastard Sons, whom our drummer Nick also plays with.  We're hitting Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, and Huntsville next weekend.  

Also, we're working on artwork for the new album right now, and also planning a tour for April of 2013.  Check back soon for dates!  So far, we're hitting Maryland all the way to Wisconsin.  

Here's an event page you can RSVP to and share with all your dumb little buddies.  Love you guys!  Happy Holidays!

Quiet Hollers Mini-Tour with KR&TBS!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Thanks to all the people who have come out to see us, and bought our merch and helped to keep the dream alive!  Thanks to everyone who helped us set up shows on tour, and put us up in their houses.  Thanks to our families for all their love and support.  

Hope to see you guys out at our next show!  Here's one you won't wanna miss:

November 30th at Mag Bar in Louisville, KY - with Mercy Academy & Lacey Guthrie


Destitution Road - Live at Headliners - Sept 6th, 2012


Hey, everybody!  Just got some video back from our friends who filmed the show at Headliners last Thursday.  Check it on out.  


Dropkick Murphys & Quiet Hollers


We are very, very excited to announce that this Sunday, September 16th, Quiet Hollers will be playing with Dropkick Murphys at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville.  Personally, I've been a huge fan since the Boys on the Docks EP and Do or Die.  I did a dance around the bar when I found out about this... and so should you.

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September 6th at Headliners!


Hey, guys!  We're opening up for Chris Knight at Headliners on Thursday.  It's kind of a big deal.  Mostly, we play dive bars that smell like nachos and shit, so it's pretty awesome that we get to play a place like Headliners.  It's big.  The sound in there is AMAZING.  And, most importantly, it doesn't smell like nachos or shit.  It would mean a lot to us if you would cough up the $15 it takes to score a ticket to this shindig.

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Check this out: New Songs. Awesome photos. It's a video, y'all.


Here is a sneak peak at a new song from our forthcoming album, I Am The Morning.  All photos by Sarahtonin / Firesafe Photography. 


Tim Barry is awesome.


In case you haven't heard.  We're playing with him and Jenny Owen Youngs, this coming Friday (May 11, 2012) at Cahoots in Louisville.  We are opening this show, and will be playing at 9:00 on the nose.  It would be super awesome if you came out early and saw our set... but honestly, I don't even care.  I've been looking forward to seeing Tim play ever since two years ago when I gave up my opening slot playing with him at Skull Alley to fly to Berlin for a one night stand playing a Hardcore Brawlfest, sandwiched between the Street Dogs and the Bay City Rollers.  Go figure.  I did get to meet Mike McColgan, one of my long time heroes.  But I missed out on playing with Tim Barry... one of my long time heroes.  


But I digress:

RSVP to the show on Friday

then check out Tim and Jenny


Come party with us on Derby day.


So, we're doing a pretty fun thing on Derby this year.  We'll be playing at the Mag Bar with the Fauxgues, an amazing Pogues tribute band.  Here's the catch... we're doing a whole set of Springsteen covers.  This is probably the only time we'll ever do this, so I suggest you come out and witness the ridiculousness of Quiet Hollers as... The F Street Band!  Here is a little key bump of what you'll be experiencing on Derby, in the form of a very rough live video from our St Paddy's throwdown.  

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Welcome to QuietHollers.com


So, we're a little new to the DotCom racket.  Have a look around.  Let us know what you think.  If there's anything you'd like to see more or less of, just drop us a line and let us know!  Special thanks goes to our longtime friend, Bryan Volz, who designed this super-sleek and futuristic website.  Right now, we're working on building up our merch page, which will allow you to buy CDs, T-Shirts and other stuff directly from us (the band!).

Until then, you can buy CDs HERE and you can always pick up the newest stuff from us at our Shows.